@chartier Sometimes you find the most random things in your screenshots folder... :/

One of today's jobs, replacing the hinge in a 27" iMac (and fitting an SSD whilst I'm at it).

@kensanata Please add me to Hardware, Information Technology, Mac, Scotland, Small Business Owners, Technology.

@nathanpitman It does look great, they've nailed the visual style I'd say.

@nathanpitman Oh yeah, I just meant the movement/gameplay, completely new art though.

@nathanpitman The tiny bit of in-game footage looks identical to the original game(s). I’m not sure how I feel about that! 😂

@marcamos Some old posts might appear if you or any of your followers interact with them (reply, fav, etc).

@marcamos They will, but not historical posts, only new ones since you started following them. That threw me off too.

@neven Sh*t My Dad Says (Justin Halpern) jumps to mind, as does Coffin Dodgers (Garry Marshall). I'm sure there are others, but my mind has drawn a blank...

@nathanpitman I'm actually quite interested to see if the likes of TapBots/etc would start their own (paid) instances, perhaps allowing free use of their software if connecting to it. Could be an interesting business model. All depends if it takes off of course, which is a big *if*.

@nathanpitman @paulannett Data payment will actually be fine for the great unwashed, paid instance for the slightly more tech savvy, and own-instance for the nerds, it's likely not a one-for all. The good thing though is that this caters for that, the Bird model doesn't. Time will tell if it sinks or floats.

@paulannett @nathanpitman It is a problem, and I'm really not sure what the answer is. I'm interested to see how things progress and whether these things are addressed in future versions of the platform.

@nathanpitman It will be interesting to see how this all pans out as time goes on.

@nathanpitman I suspect that will be a problem, particularly early on. There's a 'I've moved' setting, perhaps in future that could be more of a redirect than just a signpost.

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