With people moving from one instance to another are we not just going to end up with a ton of 'ghost' accounts all over the place?

@nathanpitman I suspect that will be a problem, particularly early on. There's a 'I've moved' setting, perhaps in future that could be more of a redirect than just a signpost.

@steve and even if you do move, what then becomes of your old toots, at present you can’t take them with you - there needs to be a solution to that.

@nathanpitman It will be interesting to see how this all pans out as time goes on.

@steve @nathanpitman I set up an account two years ago on an instance that no longer exists. This is a new account. What happened to my old toots? Is decentralised really a good idea?


@paulannett @nathanpitman It is a problem, and I'm really not sure what the answer is. I'm interested to see how things progress and whether these things are addressed in future versions of the platform.

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