@chartier Sometimes you find the most random things in your screenshots folder... :/

One of today's jobs, replacing the hinge in a 27" iMac (and fitting an SSD whilst I'm at it).

@kensanata Please add me to Hardware, Information Technology, Mac, Scotland, Small Business Owners, Technology.

Fraser Speirs was kind enough again to invite me to guest host Canvas this week, his podcast with Federico Viticci about working on iOS (I love when Federico takes vacation!).

This week we discussed cloud storage, how much it’s changed in recent years, and how it’s affected our work and personal lives.

Give a listen here or in your favorite podcast app.


#podcasts #cloudstorage

I can’t believe I can ‘toot’ that without being inundated with bot replies and braaands.

Anyone bought a Casper or Leesa type mattress? Any opinions/recommendations?

Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

Away to the cinema to see The Meg, I may regret this.

I can't help but draw comparisons between Mastodon and App.net, similar user influx with disappointment at Twitter. Hopefully Mastodon can stand the test of time better.


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